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The Pelican 0340 Case is the smallest cube case that Pelican sells. Like most other Pelican cases, it is crushproof, corrosion proof, relatively lightweight, UV proof, long lasting, waterproof, dustproof, heat resistant, and chemical resistant. The Pelican 0340 Case comes with a lifetime guarantee of excellence and the promise that it will be replaced if ever broken. CaseClub is the best place to buy the Pelican 0340 Case because we offer the lowest prices, shortest turnaround times, best customer service, and widest availability of options. Common applications for cube cases are for equipment storage. These cases excel in organizing a large mix of components, parts, cords, devices, tools, and pieces of a set. The divider set that can be bought with the case makes putting each of these items into neatly categorized places a cinch. A lid organizer can further organize a set of equipment in the Pelican 0340 Case so that essentially you have a mobile station full of necessary equipment. The case is made out of high impact copolymer polypropylene which is often described as indestructible under normal or even extreme circumstances. In addition to this high strength material, the Pelican 0340 Case has built-in ribs that add structural and impact-dispersing support. Six double throw latches mean that the case always will remain tightly shut under even harsh circumstances (aka baggage handlers and shipping). The fact that the latches are double-throw means that they are far easier to open than their predecessors, and will not bang your knuckles nearly as much. A customizable nameplate on the Pelican 0340 Case means that a company name or a personal name and info can be permanently associated to the case and its contents (which is potentially a savvy marketing tool if used correctly). An automatic pressure equalization valve is a new improvement over the older manual ones, and allows air (but not dust or water!) to travel back and forth between the case and its surroundings, eliminating the vacuum effect that happens with high or low altitudes. This case comes with a fold-down pull handle along with casters that allows for easy one-man transportation, and two handles, one on each side, for easy two-man lifting. The inside dimensions are 18.00"L x 18.00"W x 17.50"D and the outside dimensions are 20.39"L x 20.42"W x 19.25"D. The lid and base measure in at 4.25" for the lid and 13.25" for the base. The Pelican 0340 Case weighs about 30 lbs and is shipped as such. CaseClub offers many accessories to this case that other companies do not. Items that help with shipping are offered; A GPS tracker is great for both security and finding out when and where packages go and how long they take to get there. An impact sensitive gauge for shipping will alert baggage handlers to be extra careful and alerts users when they arenít. TSA approved combination locks are used to ensure TSA agents do not need to cut off the lock when checking baggage. Overall the Pelican 0340 Case is an excellent choice and will not let the buyer down.

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