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Some photographers are always on the move, sometimes traveling the world and sometimes visiting what seems like every major city. It comes as no surprise that they bring their equipment wherever they go. This may mean traveling by car, train, or airplane, or some other means to get to their destinations. The fact is this; cameras, lenses, and camera equipment are delicate. Even more important than that fact though is that theses items are expensive, very expensive, and traveling is not always a safe environment for that delicate, expensive equipment. Baggage handlers can be some of the roughest perpetrators of mishandling baggage, and there are countless stories of broken cases and destroyed items in luggage bags that have been through TSA ports. Even carrying camera equipment on one’s own person does not guarantee safety, because accidents happen. Enter the Pelican 0350 Case. This case was specifically designed to quell fears of mishandling and abuse of personal property. The Pelican 0350 Case is often claimed to be “indestructible” and for good reason – it is made out of a copolymer polypropylene that is crush proof, tear proof, waterproof, corrosion proof, heat resistant, chemical resistant, UV proof, and high impact proof. The Pelican 0350 Case is one of the toughest cases in the world and has the lifetime warranty to prove it. With this case, a photographer does not need to worry about his cameras and lenses being shattered, crushed, or otherwise broken. He or she does not even need to worry about water damage, because the Pelican 0350 Case has a neoprene o-ring seal that makes the case watertight. When bought empty, the Pelican 0350 Case does not help much with keeping items safe from bouncing around inside, but luckily several interiors are available. Perhaps the best option for actual photographers is to buy the Pelican 0350 Case with dividers. As can be seen in the pictures, the dividers provide for a safe and convenient way to store lenses, cameras, and equipment. Multiple compartments allow for a large number of items to be softly but securely fit into the base of the case. For a photographer or person whom knows exactly what he wants to put into the case (the same way every time), then custom foam inserts offer the absolute best protection for your valuables. Custom foam inserts are cut with CaseClub’s state-of-the-art machinery to perfectly fit any part(s) that will fit into the Pelican 0350 Case. The items, with option, would be as safe as they could possibly be while in transit. For protection against theft the Pelican 0350 Case comes with a steel reinforced padlock hasp for padlocks. Also for protection you can purchase a GPS locator to store with your items. To prevent mishandling in the first place CaseClub sells Impact Indicators. These nifty pads detect when the case has been subjected to too much force, which alert the user of mishandling. They also serve to warn baggage handlers to be extra careful with the case so as to not trip it off.

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