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The largest cube case that Pelican makes is the Pelican 0370 Case. This case is essentially a cube, and has the inside dimensions of 24.00"L x 24.00"W x 23.00"D and outside dimensions of 26.50"L x 26.50"W x 25.25"D. The Pelican 0370 Case was made to fit loads of parts or pieces of delicate equipment and its dimensions reflect this intention. This case has graced the side of many a photographer, traveler, machinist, and other professionals as it often the “perfect fit.” The case is made out of a hard material called copolymer polypropylene that will not break, dent, crack, corrode, or easily dissolve, stain, or melt. Tested to meet military certifications, it comes as no surprise that this case is extremely tough. The Pelican 0370 Case actually comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if it does manage to break somehow Pelican will replace the whole case. A common option to get with the Pelican 0370 case is layered foam. Layered foam allows the user to use multiple, progressively deeper layers of foam to store a plethora of equipment in the case. This method has been used for photographers with many camera lenses, as it allows them to put all of the lenses in one secure location. This case is perfect for shipping cross-country or overseas, as it is the best protection against baggage handlers one can have. Even if a baggage handler were to throw the case onto concrete from a ten foot drop, the case would remain intact. To deter them from doing this in the first place though, an Impact Indicator can be purchased with the Pelican 0370 Case. These indicators stand out and are a visual warning to baggage handlers to be careful. If the case is hit too hard, the indicator will trip and alert the user that the case was mishandled. Another security measure is that the case comes with steel reinforced padlock holes for personal padlocks to be attached. Along with the case, a GPS locator can be purchased that has a service provider track it wherever it goes. This is useful for both antitheft and time trials. The Pelican 0370 Case is watertight, so fear not if you drop it into a lake or ocean or leave it out in the rain, because the contents will still be dry. Take note that watertight does not mean waterproof, so do not go scuba diving or anything like that with this case. Not that you could if you wanted to, because the Pelican 0370 Case has a maximum buoyancy of 465 pounds. The case comes with an automatic pressure equalization valve, so if you are either coming from a high elevation or going to a high elevation the vacuum effect is negated and the case will be easy to open. CaseClub is the best place to buy the Pelican 0370 Case for many reasons. Reason #1 — check the online reviews of CaseClub and it will show you just how customers feel about our prices, products, variety, service, staff, turnaround times, and overall purchasing experience. Reason #2 – the reviews are true, because we ARE the best case and custom foam company.

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