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This is where Pelican cases get big. The Pelican 0500 Case is for industry and military, and rarely finds use in the hands of private owners. This is not because it is not for sale to individuals (for CaseClub does sell to anybody), but rather because its massive nature almost ensures that one person will not be able to lift it when it is full of his or her equipment. As can be seen in the picture on the main Pelican 0500 Case page, this case has been used to carry around whole engine blocks, and is typically transported by forklift or other machinery. The case actually has optional Pallet Riser Kits that can be bought with them for easier use in industry. Another useful feature is that theses cases can be stacked one on top of another for maximum storage efficiency. For transportation without the help of a forklift or machinery, casters can be bought that snap into place and are great for wheeling around a warehouse floor or any other flat surface. A clear document holder is perfect for keeping proper documentation on the case at all times. Wide handles also allow for two-handed grip and therefore easier movement. This case is ultra-strong. It is dent proof, dust and sand proof, crush proof, watertight, corrosion proof, able to withstand massive impacts, chemical resistant, heat and cold resistant, and almost unbreakable. The latches are made out of a tough ABS plastic and are double throw. This means that instead of busting your knuckles to force open a latch, a lever in the latch forces another main lever in the latch to open, making for easy opening but still keeping the lid tight. The lid is completely removable for convenience when taking heavy items in and out of the case. The Pelican 0500 Case comes also comes with dual pressure equalization valves that make sure elevation is not a factor when removing the lid from the case. Both pick and pluck foam as well as custom foam are available for this case. Standard pick and pluck foam is polyurethane and is pre-scored foam with many small cubes of foam that can be torn out to the userís dimensions. This foam is fine for a small number of cases, but once the number of cases gets into larger orders of about four or more, taking the time to rip out shapes in the pick and pluck foam becomes very time-consuming and cost ineffective. Pick and pluck foam also lacks the professionalism, quality, and level of security that custom foam offers. Custom foam, although the more expensive option of the two, offers the absolute highest quality packaging in conjunction with the Pelican 0500 Case. Custom foam by CaseClub will fit parts and equipment perfectly and ensure that during shipping the parts are as safe as can be. For the Pelican 0500 Case, CaseClub offers a variety of foam choices including: standard polyurethane for relatively lightweight items, high density polyurethane for lightweight or medium-weight objects, polyethylene for heavy or extremely heavy objects (it is also much easier to clean because of its non-absorptive properties), and anti-static polyethylene foam for electronic components and objects. Other foam choices may be available upon request.

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