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The Pelican 0550 Case is the biggest and baddest case around. This case is military grade tough and the size of a footlocker. It is built as strong as any other Pelican case with some additional features to cope with its size. The Pelican 0550 Case is sized specifically for forklifts and even can come with forklift risers. Casters are also available for those looking to wheel around this case. The Pelican 0550 Case has ribs built into its design for increased strength and in order to be able to stack them upon each other. This case is perfect for long distance overseas shipping, other long distance shipping, military use, and mass storage use. The hard co-polymer polypropylene outer shell of the Pelican 0550 Case is tough as nails and has high longevity, so much so that the manufacturer guarantees these cases for life. This case is watertight, crushproof, chemical resistant, dust proof, UV proof, and corrosion resistant, on the off-chance that things get rough. The case inside dimensions are 47.57"L x 24.07"W x 18.00"D and its outside dimensions are 51.05"L x 27.54"W x 22.79"D. In addition to all the perks associated with buying a Pelican case, including the lifetime warranty and the piece of mind knowing you have the toughest case around, CaseClub offers many accessories to purchase that augment the usefulness of the case. For example, if a person is shipping very expensive or important equipment around then he or she may want to invest in our GPS tracking device that can be strategically placed within the confines of the case and allow the user to see exactly where the package is at all times. On that same note, heavy-duty lock can be bought and placed on the Pelican 0550 case to prevent prying eyes from invading your privacy, although note that TSA agents have the option of cutting off locks if they chose too. But in that regard a TSA approved lock can be bought to ensure the TSA agents can open it without cutting it off. For those with delicate equipment, the Pelican 0550 Case can be bought with an Impact Indicator to visually deter mishandling of the case, as will as detect and record mishandling during shipping. Just stick these labels anywhere on your case as you ship them and their bright, readily apparent nature will assure baggage handlers will take good care not to damage or drop your case. The Pelican 0550 Case is best bought in conjunction with a custom foam insert. Such an interior will ensure that the product is a safe as possible during shipping. Shocks, drops, and vibrations are all dampened to negligible amounts if a custom foam insert is in the case. Your equipment or part(s) will be perfectly fitted into a foam cavity the exact shape of the part using state of the art technology at a low price. This prevents the part from taking damage from impact by spreading out the surface area and lessening pressure points over the part, in addition to the hard shell of the Pelican 0550 Case and the dissipating power of the foam.

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