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Nowhere else on the market will you find a case company to match Pelican’s commitment to making quality products. Pelican cases are tough, rugged, heavy duty cases that will last a lifetime. The Pelican 1120 Case holds true to this heritage in its rugged design, easy to use features, and lifetime warranty. “If you break it, we replace it, forever.” The Pelican 1120 Case is one of the more compact cases that Pelican produces and is perfect for the protection and storage of small pieces of equipment such as cell phones and digital point-and-shoot cameras. The Pelican 1120 Case is perfect for boats, trunks of cars, or any other storage place where movement and vibrations are likely to occur, for this case is adept at protecting its contents. Built out of a rugged co-polymer polypropylene, theses cases have been designed to pass military standards in their strength. The Pelican 1120 Case is also watertight due to its airtight design featuring an o-ring seal and tight-locking latches. The case comes with an automatic purge valve that equalizes air inside and outside of the case so as to make sure there is no decompression or expansion of air upon opening in elevated or low elevations. The inside dimensions of the Pelican 1120 Case measure in at 7.38"L x 4.88"W x 3.13"D while the outside dimensions measure in at 8.25"L x 6.50"W x 3.63"D. This size makes this case ideal for toting around easily while on the move. Also in conjunction with its small size is its light weight of only two pounds! For its weight, this case may be the strongest container on the planet! The Pelican 1120 Case comes in a variety of colors to suite many personalities or color schemes. Black, blue, orange, yellow, silver, and desert tan match almost any environment and add a degree of personality to the case. Although the hard shell of Pelican cases is almost unmatched in the industry, to truly top off the level of protection one can glean from this case one must also invest in interior foam inserts for the case. The foam dampens shocks and vibrations from the surroundings into the case. With only a hard shell case and no foam inserts, shocks and vibrations perpetuate almost directly into the case, but with foam, the shocks and such are dissipated to a negligible force. The ultimate combination for unsurpassed protection however, is a custom foam insert in combination with a Pelican 1120 Case. A custom foam insert ordered from CaseClub will perfectly fit any part the user has and keep the part from moving at all while in the case. The part will fit snugly into a foam cavity in the exact shape of the part and be completely protected from all shocks and vibrations and heat and water. The Pelican 1120 Case is unmatched for its size, although competitors may come close to competing with the Pelican name, nobody can argue the Pelican Cases are top dog for a reason, they are legendary.

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