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The Pelican 1150 Case is built tough. That may be a vague statement, but to get your hands on one of these cases it becomes clear that this case is indeed tough as nails. watertight, crushproof, chemical resistant, dustproof, and corrosion resistant, this case can handle it. This means that you can take the Pelican 1150 Case and throw it off a cliff, run it over in a truck, chuck it into a lake, and then let it sit for a decade in the sun and still have a working, usable case in the end. With the label “indestructible” often attached to the Pelican 1150 Case, it is no wonder Pelican Products feels comfortable attaching a lifetime guarantee to its cases. Made out of co-polymer polypropylene, this case is designed and tested to meet military standards, and in doing so far exceeds normal commercial or private use standards. Go online anywhere and you will be hard pressed to find many cons to owning a Pelican case because these cases are top notch.

In addition to selling the Pelican 1150 Case, with its hard exterior and quality components, CaseClub also sells many varieties of foams for the interior of the case. The Pelican 1150 case would be far less useful if the customer’s equipment inside of it was hitting the inside walls of the case, so CaseClub offers foam to both cushion and secure your items in place. This is perfect for camera lenses, which are a common use for the 1150 case, as well as handguns and other smaller items, as it ensures that the protection offered from the outside world is also offered on the inside. The absolute best way to go as far as interiors are concerned is custom foam inserts. They are designed using CaseClub’s state-of-the-art technology to exactly fit the part going inside the case. This perfect fit means that shocks and jolts, in addition to being strongly dissipated by the foam and blocked by the shell of the case, will be evenly distributed across the surface of the part. This reduces pressure points and localized stresses to the part and therefore prevents damage to the part. The Pelican 1150 Case comes with two strong latches and an o-ring seal to make sure the case stays watertight, as well as an automatic purge valve that allows the pressure inside the case to match the outside. The valve negates the vacuum affect caused by high or low altitudes. Other features include a fold-down handle for easy storage and multiple color options for a degree of customizability. Colors include black, desert tan, silver, blue, red, and yellow. The Pelican 1150 Case also has many optional accessories that enhance its function. These include locks, security seals, GPS tracking devices, silica gels, impact indicators, and much more. This case will meet and surpass all expectations of it and satisfy a customer for decades down the line. Overall the Pelican 1150 Case is not only built tough, but even better than that, it’s built Pelican tough.

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