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Pelican is known as one of the world’s most renowned brands in the case industry. Their cases are in the homes of millions of people and have been to sea, seen war, and held the most delicate of equipment over the years. Pelican brand cases are some of the toughest and longest lasting cases in the world today, and have built up a reputation as such. The Pelican 1170 Case lives up to its Pelican namesake with its hard, durable, and long-lasting outer shell made out of Pelican’s polypropylene copolymer and its tough as nails nature. The Pelican 1170 Case has inside dimensions of 10.54"L x 6.04"W x 3.16"D and outside dimensions of 11.64"L x 8.34"W x 3.78"D. The respective lid and base depths are 1.16"Lid / 2"Base. The case weighs a total of 3 pounds when empty. This case comes with a fold down handle for easy storage as well an o-ring seal to keep it watertight and a pressure equalization valve for high and low elevations. The Pelican 1170 Case is the perfect size carrying case to carry or store your personal pistol or handgun along with extra magazines safely and securely. If bought with an optional lock the Pelican 1170 practically becomes a safe for your firearm or other valuables. Some optional features and accessories include a set of TSA approved combination locks, which allow baggage handlers at airports to open the case without breaking the lock, or a heavy duty combo lock, which makes sure nobody but you gets in easily. More options for accessories for the Pelican 1170 Case include a GPS locator, so that you know where the case is at all times, a moisture absorbing silica gel for the purpose of keeping case-contents dry, or several items for do-it-yourself foam cutting. For those who want the best in interior foam though, consider getting a custom foam insert by CaseClub. These inserts will perfectly fit your Pelican 1170 Case as well as the item(s) intended to be put inside of the case. Using high tech methods as well as time-tested methods to produce these inserts, CaseClub has become unmatched in quality, customer service, price, and lead times. Often it takes less than a week from start to finish to get a case with custom foam from CaseClub. Customers who choose to buy a case with no foam or with only standard foam will often find that the case ships out the same or the next day. CaseClub offers the widest variety of cases, and the Pelican 1170 Case is only one of the many options to choose from. The handy dimension-search bar at the top of most pages will reveal that almost any size case is sold at CaseClub. Getting back to the Pelican 1170 Case, a customer need not worry about craftsmanship or quality, for Pelican makes the best, and stands behind its products with the guarantee that “If you break it, we replace it, forever.” This means your great grandkids may still be benefitting from the purchase of a Pelican 1170 Case bought today.

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