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    You have probably made it to this page because you are looking to possibly buy the Pelican 1300 Case, but first want some more information on it. If this is the case, then let us here at CaseClub assure you that as long the Pelican 1300 Case is the right sized case you are looking for, it will meet and exceed expectations. Pelican cases have always been at the forefront of the shipping and carrying case industry, and for good reason. Pelican guarantees their products for life, life! That means future generations will still be using the Pelican 1300 Case that you may buy today. These cases are rock solid. Built to meet military standards and regulations, these cases are watertight, corrosion proof, chemical resistant, crush proof, UV proof, and dustproof. Often described as “indestructible,” there are videos around the web of Pelican cases being thrown off buildings, submerged in water, and run over by vehicles, all with only superficial scratches to the case and no damage to its contents. Even if one does manage to break the Pelican 1300 Case, Pelican will replace it for free! So if you are looking for the best protection while on the go, a Pelican case is one of your best bets. The Pelican 1300 Case features an o-ring seal to keep water and dust out, a folding handle for more compact storage, two trigger latches to keep a tight seal, padlock holes in case you want to padlock it shut, and an automatic pressure equalization valve for varying elevations.

    The second important decision that needs to be made regarding the purchase of a Pelican 1300 Case is whether or not to get a foam interior. The answer depends on just how delicate and/or valuable the item(s) you are putting into the case are. If the items are neither delicate nor too valuable, an empty Pelican 1300 Case will be enough. However, if the items going into the case are indeed more touchy or pricey then it would be wise to purchase a foam insert with the case. With CaseClub, the variety of foam inserts is huge, but for the sake of briefness, the two main ones that go well with the Pelican 1300 Case are Pick & Pluck foam and custom foam. Pick & Pluck foam is the far less expensive option and is fine for a man or woman on a budget. Pick and Pluck foam is pre-scored foam that the user cuts and tears to his or her desired shape. This method is somewhat time-consuming, “unclean” looking, and is not recommended for either very delicate items or for an order of more than about five cases. However, it is fine for casual applications. The other option, custom foam, is done by us, CaseClub, and is the ultimate in protection for your equipment housed in the Pelican 1300 Case. The equipment will fit perfectly into a cavity cut out of the foam using state of the art machinery, and ensure your item is in the best possible hands. This method is recommended for delicate equipment such as glass, electronics, family heirlooms, or just items you love dearly. Custom foam inserts are certainly the more expensive option, but often the initial price-tag pays for itself in the long run by preventing damage to an item. Hopefully this article has clarified some questions and pointed you in the correct direction. To sum it up, the Pelican 1300 Case is among the toughest and most versatile cases in the world for its size, and multiple interior options are available with CaseClub to perfectly suit your needs.

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