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Pelican Products are known around the world as one of the best case brands that there is. With their lifetime guarantee on their products, its no wonder people trust Pelican cases to hold valuable items. The Pelican 1430 Case is unique in its design because unlike other Pelican cases, this case is shaped more along the lines of a deep bin than a case. The Pelican 1430 Case retains all of the features of its legendary name while also adding a few more to compliment its shape. The top-loading design allows for this case to be put into tight and low places, such as the hull of a boat, and still be easily accessed. Its deep design allows for a wide range of items to be stored inside of it as well that may otherwise not have fit into other cases. The case is 13.56"L x 5.76"W x 11.70"D on the inside and 16.93"L x 9.61"W x 13.42"D on the outside, and has a 2.07"Lid / 9.63"Base on the inside. The Pelican1430 Case has a plethora feature including: a fold-down handle for easy and more compact storage, a seal made out of neoprene rubber to keep water from getting in, a metal reinforced padlock hasp to help with security, an automatic purge valve that keeps the air pressure equalized at high of low elevations (this negates the vacuum effect), easy-to-open double throw latches, a blank nameplate with an option to personalize, and two colors to choose from. The Pelican 1430 Case can come in the standard and always in style black color or it can come in an equally good looking Desert Tan color. The Pelican 1430 Case is composed of a hard copolymer material called polypropylene. This copolymer polypropylene will not crack, crush, dent, corrode, be deteriorated by either sunlight or most chemicals, or otherwise fail even under harsh conditions. The latches are strong enough to withstand tremendous force and the case will not let any water or dust within its walls. As stated before, the Pelican 1430 Case comes with a lifetime guarantee, so feel confident in your purchase of one knowing that even if it breaks it will be replaced. This case has a top-loading lid that in addition to the boat bracket that can be purchase is perfect for fishermen and boaters alike. Other optional accessories include TSA locks that airport security can open during shipping without breaking the lock, normal heavy-duty padlocks, frame-panel mounts, moisture absorbing silica gel, foam cutting blades, a kit for stenciling out more exact foam cuts, security seals that indicate when the case has been opened, adhesive spray for foam, a GPS locating device, and an impact sensitive pad that detects when the case has been mishandled during shipping. Other options for the Pelican 1430 Case include a shoulder strap, a padded divider set that greatly increases the organization of the contents of the case, an office divider interior for a more paperwork oriented setup, and various foam interiors including custom foam and pick & pluck foam.

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