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The Pelican 1440 Case is similar to the Pelican 1430 Case, but with more size for added versatility. Some other differences include an extension handle and wheels. For the most part, the Pelican 1440 Case serves the same function and its smaller cousin, and goes perfectly well inside boats, trucks, and many other larger vehicles. Its top-loading design allows for it to be easily opened from low places, such as the hull of a boat, without the lid possibly getting in the way or spilling out the contents. The Pelican 1440 Case is watertight thanks to its o-ring neoprene rubber seal as well as its high strength double throw latches. This case could be submerged completely in a body of water or rolled in sand and still have its contents remain sand and water free. Besides being watertight, the other main draw most people find in Pelican cases are their ultra high strength. Being a Pelican case means being one of the toughest cases in the world, and the Pelican 1440 Case is no exception. This case is designed to the nines to make it roughneck tough. It is made out of a copolymer polypropylene that is almost indestructible, boasting crushproof, tear proof, crack proof, UV proof, chemical resistant, heat resistant, scratch resistant, and corrosion proof properties. The Pelican 1440 Case has been designed to meet and exceed military grade testing certifications, including drop tests, weather and water tests, and many others. This pursuit of excellence has made Pelican cases one of the most dependable and toughest case brands in the world today. To back up their claims of toughness and reliability, Pelican puts forth a lifetime guarantee on all of their cases with the slogan, “If you break it, we replace it, forever.”  Many options are available for the Pelican 1440 Case, including locks, foam cutting tools, helpful shipping devices, and interior options. The locks include TSA locks as well as heavy duty combo locks. The foam cutting tools include a sharp knife and a can of foam adhesive spray, and the shipping devices include a GPS locater, an impact indicator to indicate mishandling of luggage, a security seal to tell when the case has been opened, and a moisture absorbing silica gel that serves to dehumidify the air in the case. The silica gel prevents the parts inside the case from collecting mold or possibly rusting. Where the real decision needs to be made when purchasing a Pelican 1440 Case though is what interior to get. There are some good options for this case including a padded divider set with a lid organizer that allows for easy organization of the contents, pick and pluck foam for do-it-yourself customizability, an office set of dividers more suited for paperwork, and custom foam, the most secure and professional choice. Custom foam ensures all items place with the case will not move or otherwise jostle around. CaseClub has the lowest pricing, fastest lead times, and unparalleled customer service so feel confident in using CaseClub to buy your Pelican 1440 Case.


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