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The Pelican 1460 Case comes with a total of three handles for the easiest of use. Two side handles allow for two people to carry it side by side if the case is too heavy for one person. A handle on top is good for lighter contents. The Pelican 1460 has a pressure equalization valve that automatically allows only air to flow freely back and forth from the inside to the outside of the case. This serves to negate the vacuum effect when the case is opened at high or low elevations. Double-throw latches make the case easy to open by having one lever integrated into the latch pry open the other lever that holds the case shut. This mechanism is easy to use but will not allow the case to open haphazardly on accident. The Pelican 1460 Case comes in three standard colors: black, Olive Drab Green, and Desert Tan. The standard interiors are either empty or with pick and pluck foam. Pick and pluck foam is a foam that comes pre-score into small cubes, and the user tears out the cubes into the appropriate shape as he or she desires. Other interiors that are non standard can also be purchased from CaseClub. These interiors are referred to as custom foam inserts, and can suit almost any need. Custom foam inserts are the most premium option for an interior when purchasing the Pelican 1460 Case, and will protect and cushion your items better than pick and pluck foam. The Pelican 1460 Case is unique in its lid and base design in the Pelican case line. The lid opens up from about halfway up the case all the way to 180 degrees around for stability on most surfaces while open. An O-ring seal ensures that the case is always watertight and dustproof, so you can have piece of mind knowing your items are safe from the elements. The case shell is made out of tough polypropylene copolymer that can withstand powerful impacts, high drops, heavy loads, and hard knocks. Pelican is so confident in the reliability and performance of their Pelican 1460 Case that they offer a complimentary lifetime guarantee on it! This means that if the case does not outlive the customer or has any manufacturing defects, Pelican will replace it! CaseClub offers the fastest lead times on the market, often with one to two days your order will ship out. While other companies may take weeks to ship out a custom foam insert, CaseClub has the state of the art technology to do it days. The customer service ate CaseClub is helpful, professional, and perhaps best of all, knowledgeable. Our staff has pretty much heard it all and is almost always able to assist customers with their questions or concerns. The Pelican 1460 Case is no exception to the rule, and if this article leaves any questions you may have had unanswered, feel free to call our number below. CaseClub is the best place to buy the Pelican 1460 case.


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