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Do you have a piece of equipment, a machine, an instrument, or a plethora of parts that need a case, but the items are just too large or numerous? If this is the question, then the Pelican 1740 Case may just be the answer. Measuring in at 40.98"L x 12.92"W x 12.13"D on the inside, this case was built to accommodate large or numerous objects. The Pelican 1740 Case has been able to house trombones, assortments of machine parts, and many other objects that otherwise may have required several cases to hold. The Pelican 1740 Case is about the size and shape of a footlocker, but with much more extended capabilities. One clear advantage is that the case is made out of a high strength, impact resistant polypropylene material that is crush proof, tear proof, watertight, UV proof, corrosion proof, scratch resistant, and chemical resistant. This material and Pelican cases have been known to withstand drops off of cliffs and buildings, being run over by vehicles, and being stored in harsh conditions many years without damage. The main purpose behind the solid construction of the Pelican 1740 Case is to keep the owner’s valuables safe, no matter what the conditions. Pelican is a master at creating cases that can withstand the roughest baggage handlers during shipping as well as rain, sand, dust, heat, cold, and any other extreme condition it may come across. Pelican is so confident in their product that they offer a lifetime guarantee on the Pelican 1740 Case. If it happens that the case is somehow damaged or broken, Pelican will replace it, forever! A lifetime guarantee is nothing to just brush off, because it means that the product is under a free warranty, always. The simple fact that Pelican offers such a deal is proof enough that these cases are long lasting and tough. The Pelican 1740 Case comes with two handles for two-man lifting, as well as a single handle and wheels for one-man toting. The case has a tight seal around the edges which makes the whole case watertight. If one were to put an item in the case, put the case in heavy rain for a day, the item would still be bone-dry. As can be seen on the main Pelican 1740 Page, CaseClub specializes in custom foam inserts for any part or piece of equipment. The instruments and parts inside the case are nestled snugly into polyurethane or polyethylene foam cavities in the exact shape of the part. The foam allows for all bumps and jolts to the outside of the case to first be dissipated and then evenly dispersed onto the parts, making breaking equipment inside the case next to impossible. The case comes with dual pressure equalization valves that ensure the case never undergoes the vacuum effect associated with high or low altitudes. It also comes with six ABS double throw latches to make sure the lid is always tight but also easy to open. The Pelican 1740 Case, if purchased, will meet and exceed expectations and is one of the most reliable cases of its size in the world.

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