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The Pelican 1770 Case is the longest case that Pelican makes. It is perfect for that long rifle or several rifles that would otherwise need to be stored broken down or in more than one case. This case is slightly over 54 inches long on the inside as well as over 15 inches wide and over 8 inches deep, so it is perfect for those rifles or pieces of equipment that need an extra long case. The Pelican 1770 Case comes with all the standard features that most Pelican Cases come with, including a super-high strength shell made out of a copolymer polypropylene, ABS double throw latches that are easy to open but stay tightly shut in transit, an O-ring seal that prevents any water, liquids, dirt, or dust from entering, steel reinforced padlockable hasps for security, wheels for one-man transportation, dual pressure equalization valves for high and low altitudes, two carry handles for two-man lifting, a blank nameplate for personal customization, and an exterior document/label viewer. Perhaps the most important feature of the Pelican 1770 Case however is the lifetime guarantee that comes with its purchase. This guarantee states that if you manage to break the Pelican 1770 Case on accident for any reason, and even 20 years down the line, Pelican will replace the case with a new one. Pelican cases are among the toughest cases in the world, so if you plan on buying one based on that merit, you will not be disappointed. Pelican cases are tested to pass United States Military codes, standards, and certifications, so using the Pelican 1770 Case in a commercial, industrial, or personal capacity is well within its capacity. One very common use for the Pelican 1770 Case is shipping, because nobody seems to handle cases harder than some baggage handlers. There are countless stories of packages that have arrived with the contents shattered or irreparable all thanks to airlines, but Pelican is here to avert that situation. Besides the hard, almost indestructible outer shell of the Pelican case, the buyer needs to decide on the interior as well. The most common and cheapest option is pick and pluck foam, which the users shape themselves into the proper cavity to fit their belongings. This option is fine for one or two cases the size of the Pelican 1770 Case, but become time consuming and cumbersome after more than a couple. The better option for either higher volume orders or for a more professional job is to let CaseClub to a custom foam insert for the parts. This may be the more expensive option, but the rifles, parts, or equipment will fit perfectly into professionally fitted cavities. Many examples of this can be seen in the Custom Foam Inserts section under View Gallery. You can navigate to the Custom Foam Inserts section with the links at the bottom of the page. Having a custom foam insert will make sure that no belongings in the Pelican 1770 Case jostle around during baggage handling and transit, so that they therefore do not break.

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