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The Pelican 1780 case is composed of super high strength structural copolymer polypropylene that makes it one of the strongest cases on the market today. The Pelican 1780 case was created with the military in mind to house M4 and M16 assault rifles, but it is now available to both law enforcement as well as civilians. The Pelican 1780 case can float with a maximum of 500 lbs worth of contents inside of it, and coupled with its watertight seal means that these cases will neither sink nor leak. The 1780 case has a fast loading, lockable metal cross bar as well as a detachable lid. These features serve to make this case a mobile, quickly deployable weapons rack. The Pelican 1780 has the interior option of a hi-density polyurethane foam tray that securely fits 10 weapons (with scopes) or rigid polyethylene foam tray for 12 assault rifles. The former option is the softer foam, while the second foam is stiffer and easier to clean. The Pelican 1780 case is unique in its design both because of its massive size and it ability to split into two halves, similar to a footlocker design. When purchased with one of the weapons inserts, a humidity gauge is built into the front of the case and it changes color when the humidity is above 40%. This allows the user to notice when the rifles could possibly rust. Four heavy duty wheels are great for one-man mobility, and a manual Pressure Equalization Valve (when the rifle insert is purchased) is great for adjusting the air pressure inside of the case to the outside. The Pelican 1780 case is watertight, almost indestructible, dust proof, corrosion proof, and chemical resistant. The case is made with an open cell core as well as a solid wall design. This construction method makes sure the case is super high strength while still remaining lightweight. The case can withstand temperatures ranging from -10°F all the way up to +210°F. Because this case was built to pass stringent and often near unachievable military certifications, codes, and standards, the Pelican 1780 Case is one of the best cases money can buy. It will endure all obstacles thrown at it and persevere through time. Pelican Cases actually have a lifetime warranty on them to not break, so even if somehow the case is damaged, Pelican will replace it with a brand new one.
CaseClub offers the widest selection of available interiors for the Pelican 1780 Case, just in case you did not plan on this case to hold ten M16 rifles. Custom foam inserts are available to fit any part or number of parts into the case, and standard pick and pluck foam is available for those trying not to spend too much money, but still need a decent interior to cushion equipment. Custom foam insert not are not only custom in the sense that they fit your part perfectly, but also in the buyer’s choice of foam. Foam types include standard polyurethane, high density polyurethane, polypropylene, and anti static polyethylene.

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