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Pelican Micro Cases

Micro Cases

Pelican Case 1010
4.43"L x 2.93"W x 1.68"D

Pelican Case 1015
5.14" x 2.64" x 1.37"

Pelican Case 1020
5.37"L x 3.62"W x 1.68"D

Pelican Case 1030
6.50"L x 2.75"W x 2.06"D

Pelican Case 1040
6.56"L x 3.93"W x 1.75"D


Pelican Case 1050
6.31"L x 3.68"W x 2.75"D

Pelican Case 1060
8.43"L x 4.43"W x 2.25"D


Specialty Micro Cases
Pelican Case i1010
Size Guide: iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano (1st & 2nd), 20GB, 30/40/ 60 GB iPod, iPod video
Pelican Case i1015
Size Guide: iPhone, Blackberry- Curve/Storm/Pearl, T-Mobile- G1, Nokia 5800/E63/E71/E75/N79/N78

Memory Card Cases

Pelican Case 0915
4.79"L x 2.25"W x 0.55"D
Pelican Case 0945
4.79"L x 2.25"W x 0.55"D

Pelican Micro cases are unbreakable, water- resistant, dustproof, and corrosion proof with a lifetime guarantee of excellence. These Pelican Micro cases are highly resistant to chemical attack and hard impacts, and are built to perform in the harshest conditions. Used by Outdoorsmen, sports enthusiasts, extreme sports enthusiasts, fishermen, and travelers worldwide. If you need a compact case that is water-resistant, indestructible and will last your entire life, then these Pelican Micro cases are the cases for you. Pelican Micro Cases come with Pelican's lifetime guarantee of excellence, so quality is assured. Also available are small, medium, and large pelican cases, and for more micro cases visit our Black Ribbon Series.

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