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Wheeled Pelican Cases


Pelican Case 1440
17.10"L x 7.50"W x 16.00"D

Pelican Case 1510
20.19"L x 11.38"W x 7.57"D

Pelican Case 1510LOC
20.19"L x 11.38"W x 7.57"D

Pelican Case 1560
20.38"L x 15.44"W x 9.00"D

Pelican Case 1610
21.75"L x 16.81"W x 10.50"D

Pelican Case 1620
22.06"L x 17.00"W x 12.56"D

Pelican Case 1630
28.00"L x 21.00"W x 15.81"D

Pelican Case 1640
23.70"L x 24.00"W x 13.90"D

Pelican Case 1650
29.00"L x 17.88"W x 10.50"D

Pelican Case 1660
29.13"L x 20.69"W x 17.63"D

Pelican Case 1690
30.25"L x 25.25"W x 15.13"D

Pelican Case 1700
35.75"L x 13.81"W x 5.25"D

Pelican Case 1720
42.00"L x 13.56"W x 5.31"D

Pelican Case 1730
34.50"L x 24.50"W x 12.50"D

Pelican Case 1740
40.98"L x 12.92"W x 12.13"D

Pelican Case 1750
50.50"L x 13.44"W x 5.25"D

Pelican Case 1770
54.58"L x 15.58"W x 8.63"D

Pelican Case 1780
42.00"L x 22.00"W x 15.10"D

Pelican Case 0340
18.00"L x 18.00"W x 17.50"D

Pelican Case 0350
19.63"L x 19.63"W x 18.38"D
(Casters Optional)


Pelican Case 0370
24.00"L x 24.00"W x 24.00"D
(Casters Optional)

Pelican Case 0450
20.56"L x 10.97"W x 12.65"D

Pelican Case 0500
34.95"L x 18.45"W x 25.25"D
(Casters Optional)

Pelican Case 0550
47.57"L x 24.07"W x 17.68"D
(Casters Optional)


Wheeled Pelican cases are made for easy transportation. You know Pelican Cases are unbreakable and fully waterproof, but do you know which ones come with wheels and which don't? Below are all the Wheeled Pelican cases offered. Many wheeled pelican cases come with tilt wheels and an extension handle, while some larger wheeled cases come with casters instead. So when you need an unbreakable wheeled case for easy transportation and maneuverability then you need a wheeled Pelican case.

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